Should You Take Practice Tests To Prepare For Your Roofing Contractor Exam?

How easy is it to pass your contractor exam for roofing? You may think that test preparation consists of learning all there is to know about installing roofs, and there's truth to that. You do need to know your trade.

But the licensing exam -- regardless of which state you are in -- can't adequately capture your hands-on knowledge. You'll have to be familiar with what the test asks and know some strategies for success. 

Why Practice Tests Help

There's one good method for practicing both in preparation for taking your licensing exam: Taking practice tests.

According to research about studying and test taking, an activity that requires you to practice retrieving the information from your brain and applying it does more good and helps you retain details better than simply poring over notes or reading materials. Plus, it helps you retain the information for longer periods -- students who read and take a test about what they read remember as much as 50 percent more than students who take and re-read notes or draw diagrams about the material. 

A lot of testing research is related to academics, but the same principles apply to any type of test, including those for contractors and hands-on trades. Practicing what you need to do helps your brain organize the information so you can access it easier when you're engaged in a real test.

What Practice Tests Can Tell You

A roofing exam prep class that includes practice tests can help you fully prepare for your licensing exam in several ways.

  1. They tell you what you don't know. If you are having problems with specific types of questions or a specific area of roofing, you can spend your study time focusing on those areas. 
  2. You can better understand what is being asked. Let's face it, multiple choice questions are never going to be a great measure of how skilled you are in installing roofs. But they do check your basic knowledge, and if you have experience answering test questions in the style presented, you will be able to pass more easily.
  3. They get you into the groove of testing. If you're not familiar with how the test looks or what you'll be required to do, you may have some anxiety that will impact your performance. While you still may be nervous about taking the roofing exam in your state, you'll know what to expect.

What to Look For in a Roofing Exam Prep Class

The ability to take practice tests is one great reason to enroll in a roofing exam prep class. Your instructors will have realistic practice test questions and full tests that you can take, either on paper or online. 

Other benefits to a roofing exam prep class include:

  • The chance to ask skilled instructors questions about the test and the industry. 
  • The materials you'll need to study for success, like industry best practices and guides.
  • Tips for mastering skills you'll need on the test, like construction math. You'll need to brush up on your basic math skills to perform well on the exam, and a prep class can guide you on what's required.

Taking a roofing exam prep class can get you in the right mindset to excel at getting your license and will put you one step closer, more quickly, to working in the industry.