Two Aviation Scholarships For Women

Based on information culled from the Airman's Database, women only account for 5.12 percent of the airline and commercial pilots in the United States. However, this disparity will shrink considerably in the future as currently 12.02 percent of pilot students are female. If you're a woman considering a career as a pilot, here are two scholarship opportunities that may help you achieve your dream.

Women in Corporate Aviation

Women in Corporate Aviation is a non-profit organization focused on bringing professionals in the industry together. The organization hosts a variety of networking events and conferences, provide volunteer opportunities, and supply career advice to members. It also offers several scholarship opportunities per year.

The scholarships are announced quarterly and tend to focus on supplemental training pilots will find useful in their careers. For instance, the EASA Ground School Pilot Training deals with First Aid training, security issues, and safety and emergency procedures, among other things.

The exact qualifications for each scholarship vary, but you must be a member of the organization to apply. Additionally, members are limited to applying for two scholarships per year. For more information about this and other scholarship opportunities available through the Women in Corporate Aviation organization, visit the company's website.

Bay Cities 99s Chapter Pilot Training Scholarship

Established in 1929, the 99s international Organization of Women Pilots is also a non-profit organization focused on helping women advance in aviation via scholarships, support, and education. They were formed by 99 women—hence the name—and organize yearly events, webinars, and other opportunities for women to come together to learn and network.

There are quite a few chapters around the country, some of whom offer scholarships to local area women. For example, those who live near the Oakland Airport in California can apply for the 2017 scholarship offered by the Bay Cities 99s chapter. The winner will receive $1,250 she can apply towards training and materials.

In addition to living nearby, you must have current medical and student pilot certificates and be eligible to obtain a private pilot or sport license. However, you don't need to be a member of the 99s to apply, so the opportunity is open to everyone.

These are just a couple of the scholarships available to female pilots. You can find information about others at the Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association or the Federal Aviation Administration websites. For more information about or help locating aviation scholarships, contact a local aviation college.