The Benefits Of Middle And High School Tutoring

What are the benefits of high school tutoring and middle school tutoring? If you're considering one of these educational services, take a look at what parents need to know about the benefits of professional tutoring.

Help Overcoming Obstacles

Does your student struggle in an academic area such as math, writing, or science? A high school or middle school-level tutoring program can help students to overcome academic obstacles and succeed in school. A 2020 review of the research on the effects of tutoring on pre-k through grade 12 students found that programs led by teachers or paraprofessionals have a positive impact on academic achievements—especially for math outcomes in the higher grade levels.

The individual attention students get during tutoring sessions and the ability to focus on one subject or one area of a subject makes it possible for some students to overcome obstacles and turn around their grades. This provides a way for middle and high schoolers to get back on track and maintain the necessary grade-level academic progress. It can also help the child to feel more comfortable at school and more confident in their ability to master specific subject content.

Dig Deeper Into A Subject

Is your child excited to learn about calculus, biology, physics, or another area? An individualized tutoring plan can help them to dive deeper into the subject and learn more than they might during regular school day classes. A subject-expert teacher tutor can help your child to explore their academic interests and build new skills. This can encourage learning and may even help them to make decisions about college or their other post-graduation plans.

Stop the Summer Slide

What is the summer slide? It is exactly what the name implies. Over the summer months, your child isn't in school and could allow their academic/developmental achievements to slide downwards. This type of learning loss can set your high schooler back and make the next school year more of a challenge. Instead of going into ninth through twelfth grade ready to continue what they learned the year before, your child will need to play catch-up.

A summer typing service can help to stop the slide and can increase the likelihood that your child will stay on track academically. They can review what was covered in the previous year and may explore material that they will learn about as they start the next grade. If you feel that your child will lose some of what they gained during the fall, winter, and spring months at school, summer tutoring can reverse the slide.