Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About Adult Education

Going back to school as an adult can seem daunting. Many people would like to further their education in their later years, but are unsure about how the process would work. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about adult education programs.

Would I Qualify For Government Grants and Loans?

The good news is government grants and student loans are usually based on income and enrollment in an accredited institution rather than age. This means that if you fall below a certain income bracket, you could qualify for government grants, meaning you don't have to pay them back if you are doing an undergraduate program.

If you are doing a masters or anything above, you generally won't qualify for a grant. Instead, you can get student loans. For these loans, you would apply like you would any other loan, and you would be granted a certain amount based on your needs. These loans must be paid back with interest, but you have more flexibility, forgiveness, and sometimes better interest rates when you choose a student loan over a private loan. The important thing to know is that financing is available if you choose to return to school.

Can I Perform At The Same Academic Level As The Other Students?

You might feel intimidated to go back to school because you are older than the rest of the students. This might make you feel worried that you won't be able to compete on their level. Unless you suffer from some sort of learning disability, you should be able to complete the same assignments in the same amount of time as your classmates.

In fact, many people who go back to school after some time have more success. This is because they have figured out their own learning style, have learned to work hard, and are motivated to be there and learn. You may find that you are more qualified to be there as an adult than you were when you were younger.

Is It Possible To Work Or Raise A Family While Attending School?

There are so many programs that offer flexibility in class times that many people are able to go to school on the side. You might be able to complete your degree online and at your own pace or take classes in the evening or during times that work for you. You shouldn't need to quit your job or hold off on starting a family just because you want to go back to school. 

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